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Lounge N Lax


Style That Brings a Smile for Childhood Cancer

LNL Foundation is committed to provide eco-friendly functional wear for children with childhood cancer and other serious illnesses. Lounge N Lax functional wear consists of an eco-friendly cap with an inner lining made of bamboo that regulates the body temperature and camouflages baldness due to the side effects associated with chemotherapy, matching lounge pants for comfort or breakaway pants to change the colostomy bag, shirts and robes to fit medicinal ports, a stuffed toy with matching cap to cuddle, and a matching carrying bag to store their belongings during their stay at the hospital. The functional trendy garments aide in promoting mental health awareness, raise self esteem levels, and allows the child to feel a sense of normalcy.

We seek to fund raise and accept contributions that will allow us to distribute Lounge N Lax sets to all of the major children's hospitals that treat children with cancer and other serious illnesses. The garments will provide a much needed comfort and warmth due to the draftiness of hospitals, instead of wearing a hospital gown or street clothes, while getting their lab work or tests done. The unique styles along with the stuffed toy, will comfort and brighten the child's mental state of mind.

LNL Foundation will seek to host Fly 4 Life, our annual kite flying event, in cities across the United States. This different kind of event, is a day of freedom, a day to breathe a fresh breath of life, and a day of fun for all affected with serious illnesses and for those whom want to offer support.

Contact: LNL Foundation, Inc. to see how we can bring the event to an area near you. Proceeds from The Fly 4 Life Fund raiser will benefit the donations of Lounge N Lax sets to hospitals for children with cancer.

With an approved 501c3, LNL Foundation is dedicated to maintain integrity in the goods, services, and programs provided.

Not only does the child with the illness suffer, it's a battle for the entire family!!!!

LNL Foundation, Inc. would like to aide in making the process a little easier to cope!

Non Profit (501c3) Organization